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1odossier design parade _ALICE PROUX _ M
2odossier design parade _ALICE PROUX _ M
odossier design parade _ALICE PROUX _ MO
3odossier design parade _ALICE PROUX _ M


Project in collaboration with Alice Proux for Villa Noailles - Design Parade



The project proposes a room that only works when in relation to its context: the seaside.

On the return from the beach, there is often this suspended moment, when returning to an inside is made without transition. We pass, in an abrupt way, from an outside environment where presenting your bare body spread on the ground creates no embarrassment, to an internal space which does not present the same codes.

Our purpose is to spatialize this transition :  a space in which the rite which is experienced alone or in group.


I return from the sea, the feet full of sand. Tired of the sun and the harshness of the asphalt.  At first, I rinse off the sand, take off my burdens and in a subtle movement, I pass on the other side of the veil, inhaled by the draft of the window. Lounging on the ground, feeling the breeze and this slender stream of water sliding along my back. Light current. Soft heat.  A sensation of sea in slow motion.

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